Francis Moss' Promotes his TV & book writing

This is my shameless self-promotion website. On it you will find stuff about me, about the TV shows and books I've written, other stuff that you may not find interesting in which case you can skip over it.

That's me at about ten months old, and looking none too happy about it. My disposition improved for a while, but now is more like you see here (with about the same amount of hair). You can find more photos and biographical stuff on my My Life page.

For a more complete list of my television and book credits, go to My Credits.

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News! News! News!


One really great thing that's going on is I'm creating eBooks. These are books that are sold in digital form for people to download., In the pipeline I've got Kids Earn Cash Now! (see photo), A Parents' Guide to Kid Businesses, Selling Books on eBay and a few others.

I'll be launching new websites to market these books as well as selling them on eBay. Stay tuned.



Make Your Own Movies!

Got another book coming out. I'm working on a book that does for kids andMake Your Own Movies! video what Make Your Own Web Page did for kids and the World Wide Web. Click on Make Your Own Movies! A Guide for Kids! to check out Chapter One and the Table of Contents. It's still in early stages yet, but I will be putting up more excerpts and probably some sample exercises.



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