A Couple Of Five-Star Reviews...

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From the Book Review Directory:
“Suspenseful, disturbing, and intense, Losing Normal presents a frighteningly realistic world where no one is safe from the control of advanced artificial intelligence. Moss’s diverse characters are unique, touching, and relatable, even when they feel less than normal. This captivating, eye-opening, and heartbreaking vision of a society sucked dry of emotions and spirit will make readers question the role technology plays in their own lives.”

From Readers’ Favorite:
“Books that have protagonists with special needs are usually of a completely different type and more focused on ‘real life,’ so it was very nice to see something different, something that shows how autistic kids can indeed be heroes in truly exciting stories. The world needs more books like this, especially when they are well written and engaging like Losing Normal. I know a few autistic people from my work with a charity, so it was nice to see them represented in a positive and realistic light. I had a lot of fun reading this novel and found the pacing of the plot well done.”