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Seventeen-year-old Deborah Sokolov’s life has suddenly turned dark. Her grandparents, the people she loved and who raised her, have been savagely murdered. She knows that the man who confessed to the killings is lying, his lies bought and paid for. She drops out of school, taking drugs and alcohol to cover up her pain. Passed out on the street, she’s rescued by a man who helps her become She-Wolf. Deborah’s life is in escalating danger as she gets closer to finding her grandparents’ killer. “A she-wolf doesn’t hide,” Deborah thinks, “she hunts.”

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What readers are saying


–Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author

She-Wolf is a gut-punch of a thriller. Complex characters caught up in a story of survival, revenge, and family. Not for the faint of heart!”

Kirkus reviews

“An auspicious revenge tale with an unconventional heroine.”


Librarything reviews

“I really enjoyed this read! The author did an amazing job! The storyline was great! This book really had me interested in what was happening! I loved the grandfathers rule, ‘I never did harm to anyone—unless they would do harm to me or my family.’ I also love the cover!”



Prize-winning Losing Normal

Alex knows exactly how many steps it takes to get from his home to Mason Middle School. This is normal. Alex knows the answers in AP math before his teacher does, which is also normal.

Alex knows that something bad is coming out of the big screen in his special needs class. It’s pushing images into his head, hurting him, making him forget. Alex pushes back, the screen explodes, and nothing is normal any more.

Giant screen televisions appear all over the city. The programming is addictive. People have to watch, but Alex cannot. Sophie, the sentient machine behind all this, sees the millions and millions of eyeballs glued to her and calls it love.

To Sophie, kids like Alex are defective. Defectives are to be fixed…or eliminated.

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What readers are saying

–Kirkus Reviews

“In this novel … a teenager with Asperger’s syndrome exposes a devastating corporate technology secret… Moss, who wrote for such TV shows as Buck Rogers in the 25th Century and She-Ra: Princess of Power, employs a first-person voice that’s very close to that of the narrator of Mark Haddon’s 2003 novel, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. The author’s attentiveness to technical details brings to mind Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One (2011), although the dystopia in this novel is more fascist in tone. The story’s overall pace is fast and focused…
A well plotted story that gives a voice to an offbeat protagonist.”

–Douglas Van Dyke, Jr., author of The Earthrin Stones trilogy

“In Losing Normal, Francis Moss has done his research in helping the reader see strange events in the eyes of a child on the Asperger spectrum. We’re taken on a thrilling adventure in a world morphing into the abnormal. Aside from a good adventure, it also helps the reader better understand those who see the world in a different perspective.”

If you are addicted to your screen, you need to read this book!

Losing Normal is a modern cross between 1984 and The X-Men. It should serve as a cautionary tale for parents as well as being a page turner for the young adult set. With a modern setting, and very real characters this book is an adventure in what could be. When an artificial Intelligence confuses addiction for love, and begins to destroy those who don’t conform, there is only one person who can defeat the AI. Only he doesn’t know it. What he does know is that the AI is causing him pain and chaos in his mind. Join Alex and his compatriots as they race against time to try and thwart the growing presence that is taking over the hearts and minds of the populace and even killing those who choose to resist. Read Losing Normal today”

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Operation Overlord – Available now!

Southampton, England. June 1944. 12-year-old Tommy Collins is with his father, Lieutenant Commander Lawrence Collins, who’s hard at work on Most Secret plans for Operation Overlord, the Allied invasion of France.

With his father busy with planning meetings, Tommy has time to explore. He watches thousands of workers loading trucks, tanks, planes into ships ready to cross the channel, and thousands of soldiers and sailors, getting ready to fight. He hears about a Nazi spy captured. And he sees a girl with a funny accent poking around a bomb-damaged radio store!

But Annike Meyer is not the German spy Tommy thought: she’s a Jewish Kindertransport refugee, who’s assembling a wireless radio to contact her parents… whom she hasn’t spoken to in almost four years.

Annike and Tommy  hear a nearby broadcast that they’re convinced is Nazi code. Unable to persuade the police or the military, the two trace the source of the broadcast—and they’re discovered and captured!

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The Desert Writer’s Guild

“What draws us into the desert is the search for something intimate in the remote.”
—Edward Abbey

The guild has been active in California’s Mojave Desert since the 1980s. You can order our 2022 anthology from Amazon here. It’s $9.95, or FREE for Kindle Unlimited members.