Cartoon tchotchkes -- they're back!

I had switched computers & ended my website (another story), so stuff just disappeared. I spent a year hunting for all the bgs, scripts, storyboards, model sheets, outlines, & bibles.

Whilst (I like the British-ism) searching for the files, I kept getting requests from fans of the old shows for this script, or that outline. I had to tell them I was still looking.

I browsed through all the documents on my new computer... no luck. I had two external drives, so I thought, "there they are!" But the drives didn't work. I was going to send off the external drives to a recovery site, when I accidentally clicked on a folder that I used to use for video editing.

I finally found 'em. Ta-DA!

There they all were: every single written word and image from my days cartooning, neatly arranged in folders with the name of the show: TMNT, Spiderman, Ex0-Squad...