I was tempted to use "hello, World..."

…but decided to turn it on its side a little. This is my revised website, no longer a dust collector and recollections of a former career. Although there’s a bit of that on my ‘about me’ and ‘writing credits’ pages.

Writing tips.

Who the hell am I, giving out writing tips? I’m writing my first novel, fer crying out loud! Maybe no different from a lot of you reading this.

The truth is, this ain’t my first rodeo. I started writing for a living 34 years ago. Check out my credits here. And on IMDB.

Yeah, I’m a geezer.

But a geezer-writer.

I’m thinking this blog, for now anyway, will consist mostly of my adventures as a first-time novel writer and the lessons I’ve learned in my writing for a lot of television and non-fiction books.

I’m thinking this blog will turn into a conversation; I know some stuff that could be useful to those of you who are struggling with your first novel, or short story, or movie, or TV show. You might have solved a novel-writing problem that’s stumping me.

Or, this could be all one-way.

I’m game for whatever it turns out to be.