OK, OK, I'll do it myself

I’ve decided to self-publish Losing Normal. I whined here and on Facebook about the turn-downs and unresponsiveness of many agents and got a reply from an author friend to the effect of: “Keep trying. I got 19 rejections.” I was too ashamed to tell her how many rejections I got (90-some, and a few more no answers). I’ve already done a cover

← which I think is pretty cool, but depending on feedback, might have one done for me. I have a mailing list of fans who’ve bought my scripts and tchotchkes from my Cartoon Scripts and Ninja Turtle Collectibles websites, and will offer them a discount on the book.

There’s a lot I have to learn about the process, but I have something called “The Amazon Success Toolkit,” which seems to be a pretty thorough guide to the steps I need to take. Lots of PDFs, worksheets and advice. I’ll let you know how it works.