upcoming books: the quest for reviews

Reviews or blurbs are one of the best ways to add content to book covers & insides (what they call ‘front matter’ & ‘back matter’). It’s also a good way to attract readers. I’ve been emailing authors in comparable genres asking if they’d read my upcoming books, Tommy Collins: Operation Overlord and She-Wolf (FKA Killgirl).

So far, I’ve gotten one for each, and two authors are reading.

Here’s Libby McNamee, author of Dolley Madison & the War of 1812 — on Tommy Collins:

This entertaining and suspenseful WWII novel will engage even the most reluctant reader! The story charmed me right from the start, and the action never let up. Tommy is a fabulous character, and it’s a treat to experience Operation Overlord alongside him and his noble desire to help save his country from the Nazis. Highly recommend this excellent adventure for kids and adults alike!”

Thomas H Murray, Author of The Adventures of Nuno and Figo: The Strange Journey of Two Unlikely Friends — on She-Wolf

“This story really captured my imagination. I found myself turning page after page. The author clearly did extensive research in the culture, language, and location of the story. He did something that is the hallmark of great writing. He made the reader care deeply about the main character.”