Whining about agents

I get it. agencies get hundreds, maybe thousands of queries every week. Everybody thinks his/her book is the greatest thing. I share that opinion  about my book, LOSING NORMAL.

My problem: more and more agencies are choosing not to respond to queries. Used to be, a querier would get an automated reply. “We’ve received your query… yada-yada.” Now, not so much. How is a writer supposed to know if the agent even got the painstakingly-crafted query letter?

Just as bad (maybe worse): literary agencies have decided that no answer = no.” So writers are to

A) Assume the agency got the query;

B) Assume that if we get no answer, it means “thanks, but no thanks.”

The agency might have stopped accepting queries. How do we know? The agent might have moved to another agency. How do we know?

This sucks.

More ranting to come…