Why not write?

An interesting blog post from Sam Kerns.

1.      Being All Talk and No Action

In order to become a writer, you have to write.

2.       A Fear of Failure or Embarrassment

You make yourself vulnerable when you put your thoughts in a book or article, and that keeps many people from writing.

3.       No Desire to Improve

Every writer can improve their craft, no matter how long they’ve been at it. But some people don’t want to put in the time or effort to become a better writer.

4.       The Belief that Writing is Easy

Another hurdle for many new writers is the belief that writing is easy.

5.       A Tendency Towards Perfectionism

There are people out there who have written a great book, but they sit on it for years because they feel they can never get it to perfection.

6.       A Lack of Knowledge

You wouldn’t attempt to repair a pluming leak without first watching a YouTube video or read an article about how to do it first, would you? In the writing world, there are rules to follow and if you’re new to the game, you have to understand those rules to achieve success.

7.       No Commitment to the Process

Most successful writers have a process and stick to it.

*  *  *

These are seven of the most common obstacles new writers face when trying to perfect their craft and put their work out there. If you’ve been dreaming about writing, but haven’t yet started doing it, are any of these mindsets standing in your way?

Or maybe something else is preventing you from pursuing your dream of writing.

You can read the whole thing here: http://tinyurl.com/y9lw2vj9