Write Every Day

Write every day. I know, I promised not to say what a million other writers say, but this is important; maybe the most important tip.

And, unless you’re going through this, or have done it, you cannot begin to imagine how hard it is to follow through. Let’s go through the steps to see how to get started.

“I don’t feel like it today,” is your worst enemy. The best, and maybe only way to even begin to deal with that monster is to set a regular time every day for writing, maybe an hour or two in the morning. If you go to work early, have kids to get to school or other tasks, make it an hour or two at night.

There will be many writing times when you stare at the screen, not writing. Or play solitaire, or read email, not writing. Or do anything but write.

Sit at your computer for your prescribed hours anyway.

Allow yourself one game of Solitaire, or ten minutes of email reading if you must. But that’s it.